Since the Awakening and the rise of magic, ecological groups have found a new dimension to the world. Nature spirits and sentient nonhumans lend their support, and shamanic magic gives a new level of insight into the living world. Naturally, the megacorporations take a dim view of anyone getting in the way of profits, and are disinterested in long-term planning for ecological management. The organizations vary from peaceful demonstrators following the footsteps of Thoreau and Gandhi to murderous neo-Luddites determined to put an end to technology as soon as possible.

Voici quelques groupes célèbres :


TerraFirst! plonge ses racines avant le début du XXIème siècle dans les milieux éco-activistes radicaux. Lorsqu’au début du siècle la frontière entre la désobéissance civile et le sabotage a été franchie, l’organisation s’est divisée et est rentrée dans les Ombres.

TerraFirst! est structurée en petites cellules indépendantes : une cellule regroupe généralement de trois à huit membres. La formation des membres est effectuée dans des camps d’entrainement à la guérilla que l’organisation entretient partout dans le monde.

Leur doctrine est que les pollueurs ne s’arrêteront que s’ils y sont contraints économiquement.

Ils utilisent le sabotage pour infliger des dégâts économiques aux corporations polluantes. Leurs cibles sont les sites polluants, les quartiers généraux des corporations, les sites de déforestations ou d’exploitation minière et les champs d’espèces génétiquement modifiées.

Ils recourent également à l’agression et au meurtre contre les cadres corporatistes, les scientifiques et les élus qui ont une attitude sans scrupule vis-à-vis de la pollution, qui sont engagés dans des actions polluantes, ou qui attaquent les éco-activistes modérés.


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GreenWar is a group that has been on the terror radar for decades. The most radical eco-terrorist group in the world, GreenWar believes the only way to restore Mother Earth to her un-ravaged state is to simply eradicate all metahuman life. Plainly, we are blight on the world that can never be taught to respect nature. We must all die. GreenWar had success in earlier decades, claiming responsibility for such catastrophes as making the Scottish Fringe Zone into a toxic no-man’s land.

(Source : Shadowrun 5: Ten Terrorists)

Personnages associés :


GreenWar has suffered from leadership struggles as well as basically being on everyone’s hit list, including other eco-terrorist outfits.

When a group is under that kind of pressure, it’s not surprising to see splits. One such emerging splinter cell is Logos. This new group is composed primarily of the former Awakened members of GreenWar, or at least its central
cadres are.

Since its founding, Logos has apparently been hunting for certain magical relics, items imbued with very primal magic. Logos shamans have discovered certain rituals to go along with these relics that can, for lack of better terms, activate Mother Nature’s immune system to fight of the human virus that infects it.

The group’s knowledge, however, seems incomplete. Logos’ strikes worldwide indicate they are looking for more relics, more information on the rituals to perform, and people with knowledge of either of those subjects. In regards to the latter, there have been reports from Asia and South America of spiritual leaders being kidnapped by Logos strike teams. Some of the bodies have been recovered, bearing signs of forceful interrogation.

(Source : Shadowrun 5: Ten Terrorists)


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