Shiawase Corporation

Corporate Court Ranking: #5
Corporate Slogan: “Advancing Life”
Corporate Status: AAA, public corporation
World Headquarters: Osaka, Japan
President/CEO: Tadashi Shiawase
Chairman of the Board: Reiko Shiawase-Shimada
Major Shareholders: Tadeshi Shiawase (20%), Reiko Shiawase (9%), Empress Hitomi (11%), Shiawase Shinto Advisory Board (19%), Nigel Coltrane (1%)

The oldest of the megas, Shiawase was the first corp to claim extraterritorial status. A classic Japanese zaibatsu, Shiawase is run in a traditional “family” style, with most employees signing lifetime contracts and even marrying within the corp. Families, how- ever, tend to squabble, and plenty of runners have made good cash in the course of these quarrels. As for what they do, what don’t they do? Either directly or through subsidiaries, Shiawase has its hands in nuclear power, environmental engineering, biotech, heavy industry, technical service, minerals, military goods, and a whole lot more.

Major Divisions & Subsidiaries:
Shiawase Market Information & Forcasting Department Shiawase House Bank
Shiawase Biofood
MySoy fast foods
Nippon Noodles
Sensei Snacks
Yamato Restaurants
Seven Seas Oceanic Farming Opulent Sushi
Shiawase Logistics
Resha Corporation
Shiawase Cargolifting
Shiawase City Transports
Shiawase SeaWays
Shiawase Manufacturing
Shiawase Advanced Robotics
Shiawase Electronics: Kawaii Electronics, Shiawase Sim Station
Shiawase Fashion: Jean-Paul, Wellington Bros., Vashon Island
Shiawase Industries: Hephaestus Technologies
Shiawase Motors: Hongqisama, Protoreva, Purosu
Shiawase Toys: Hello Puppy, Megatoys, Mycross Diecast
Shiawase Biotech
Shiawase Biodrones
Shiawase Cybernetics
Shiawase Vector
Shiawase Laboratories
Shiawase Nanotech
Shiawase Energy
Shiawase Amaterasu Solar
Shiawase Atomics
Shiawase Fuzion
Shiawase Mediatech
Shiawase & Rubicon Advertisement
Shiawase Simsense Studios
Shiawase Vector Matrix Services
Shiawase Omnicare
Reblossom Centres (Healthcare)
Shiawase Diagnostics: EuroGenetix, MyGene, Senpaitek
Shiawase Health: Da Fang Rejuvenation Clinics, Shiawase Medical Response & Rescue
Shiawase Welfare: Shady Pines Retirement Homes, Tengoku Enclave
Shiawase Security Services
Desert Storm Security Imperial Tech Service
Kami Consulting
Shiawase Armaments/Nemesis Arms
Shiawase Envirotech
Kuroyama Geosource
Kuroyama Minerals
SECCA Co-op Commercial
Shiawase City Services
Shiawase Petrochemical
Terres Du Monde

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Shiawase Lexicon:
Shiawase Johnsons have particular phrases and terminology that distinguish themselves from the other Mr. Johnsons. The following definitions will help you relate to a Shiawase Mr. Johnson and improve your chances for getting that job.
Hikoku, -Yogisha: Typical suffixes applied to shadowrunners.
Hikoku refers to a defendant.
Yogisha refers to a suspect.
Either are considered applicable when addressing shadowrunners.
Burakumin: Burakumin is another term for shadowrunners, but one that most runners would not want to hear. The term refers to an outcast community or a community that is frequently discriminated against. This term is not one of respect, and as such, most see this as a Johnson’s perception that the runner team is expendable. Teams that are referred to with this term should be on the look-out for highly dangerous jobs they may not be walking away from (i.e., suicide jobs) or jobs where Mr. Johnson may double-cross them for knowing too much after the job.
Meishi: A business card. This tradition may seem odd in the digital age, but Shiawase Johnsons still prefer receiving your contact information via a physical business card. You’re not a permanent employee with Shiawase, so Mr. Johnson expects your meishi to be very simple. Name and commcode and that’s it. Inside Shiawase, the etiquette of the meishi has been taken to an art form, but for runners, plain and simple is what works. Make sure business cards are at least printed; Shiawase Mr. Johnsons still frown on handwritten business cards, and some may take handwritten business cards as an insult.
Shiawase Damashii: This is the philosophy/norms/rules that govern all of Shiawase culture. It instructs people inside Shiawase how they should act, from instructing them on the need for respect to the need to apologize when a mistake is made. It also can be informative to runners as to how to conduct themselves at the meet and deal with their Johnsons (who prefer to be called Naka-udo-san, or “professional go- between”). It also informs runners that Shiawase Johnsons prefer to do business in their native language, Japanese.
Sokaiya: A particular type of run limited usually to Japanese corps. Shiawase in particular engages in many of these types of runs. Sokaiya runs are meant to embarrass the high-level executives and board members of a rival corporation, usually done through interrupting board meetings or causing disruptions centered around major events, bringing shame to those in power.


Working for Shiawase means working for the Marketing & Intelligence Forecast Division (MIFD). This is the world’s biggest information-sucking machine. Having tons of information is one thing, and pretty common nowadays. Being able to use that info is a whole other story. The MIFD are the leading authority in Big Data search algorithms and making sense of it all. Your John- son is almost certainly an MIFD guy, and you’re just a piece of data.
Shiawase operatives are not subtle. They don’t try to hide who they are, because if they did they would suck at it. These guys are expected to be examples of corporate culture, and they don’t disappoints. Stiff backs, no sense of humor, and Bushido all the way. You are expected to show loyalty and honor in all things you do. Bushido does not permit surrender or defeat, so don’t expect your Johnsons to be adaptable when problems arise.
Working for Shiawase may seem a little dry at first, but it has benefits. Work is steady and well-thought-out. If you can get some sort of rapport with your Johnson, try asking to be paid in information. Johnsons don’t do this at first, but if you prove yourself —and your honor— a little, they might feed you some stuff that can really matter.

Shiawase Corporation

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